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Arms Family Real Estate Services - Your local Family of Investors. Remember If you have any questions at all about anything, feel free to give us a call at 724-647-3132, (the only wrong question is the one not asked!). How do I know if an investor is the best  option? In order to decide what’s best for you, simply ask yourself these three, very important questions: 1. Which is more important to me? A faster closing or top dollar? Investors cannot afford to pay retail-price for a property and rarely will, therefore this question is huge when it comes to deciding if we’re the people for you! 2. What benefits do I gain from selling to an investor? Many don’t realize the multitude of benefits of selling to a real estate investor. When a property is sold on the MLS traditionally there are many fees that the seller must pay including: transfer tax, commissions (6% of the sale price), up to 9% of seller’s assist*, credits from the buyers, and repairs. 3. If I can’t sell my property, what’s my plan? Even if we aren’t the people for you, it’s always important to have some kind of plan of what you would like to do. *Seller’s assist is when the seller helps the buyer pay a portion of the closing costs. The amount of seller’s assist that a buyer is eligible for is dependent on how much they are putting down on the house. The chart below shows the possible amounts of seller’s assist the conditions required to reach it.        What do we have to offer? People don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all type of box, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to. As a family, we are proud to be able to offer a wide variety of options to be able to suit any situation. Whether the issue is physical, emotional, or financial, we’re here to help. Services we offer include the following. Lease-Option          A lease-option (or otherwise known as “rent-to-own”) is a type of real estate agreement between the buyer and the seller to transfer the property over an extended period of time. In a lease-option, the buyer typically has a set amount of time to get financing in order and to live in the home before actually buying it. Over time, the buyer pays the seller a monthly fee towards their deposit for living in the house before the deed is transfered to their name. This is an excellent option for buyers who are close to being qualified, but not quite there yet. Listing on the MLS          With Tammie Arms being a real estate agent, our team can also list a property on the MLS, (multiple listings site).  Typically homes that are in better condition or in need of very little rehab or repairs are best to be placed on the MLS if possible. If the seller needs to sell quickly, however this may not be the best course of action, as getting financing can be a tricky and lengthly process for buyers. Even after an agreement is reached between the buyer and the seller, the process can take up to 3 months in addition to the waiting time for offers, and the negotiations.  At the Rental         Rentals are properties that are rented out to tenants who pay a monthly fee to stay in someone else’s home. Rentals are an excellent option for people who want to move often. As we acquire more properties, more rental opportunities will become available. Seller pays on down payment Seller’s Assist Less than 10% 3% 10%-24.99% 6% More than 25% 9% Retailing              Retailing, (commonly refered to as “flipping”) involves buying homes that are in need of repair either structurally or cosmetically. Typically, homes that are bought to be retailed would be difficult to sell on the MLS, would take too long to do so, and/or the owner needs to be out of the house faster than would be normally possible with a traditional investor. Then the home is remodeled and repaired to add value back to the home, before selling it to a traditional buyer on the MLS. Home Home About Us About Us Gallery Gallery Services Services FAQ FAQ Contact Us Contact Us SERVICES Arms Family Real Estate